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What do you do when the caller will not take your nursing advice? i.e to make an appointment or .. to go to the Er Do you every call 911 against the patient request? Share with us your... Read More

  1. by   Jerry 75
    As far as calling 911 for pt. the closest I hve cvome to that was alerting PD while suicidal pt. was on the line or calling for a wellfare check for cops to stop by and check on soimeone who just wasn't sounding right but not in need of 911. If someone I was triaging was to week to call 911 or out of it I would first consult with supervisor before doing so.
  2. by   Jerry 75
    Quote from eltrip
    I get frustrated when the patient truly needs to call 911 but insists upon having someone drive him/her to the ED.

    For the family members who call & want to know how to "make" their loved one go to the hospital, I have to inform them of that person's right to refuse treatment until he/she loses consiousness. I further inform them that once that person has lost consiousness, they can no longer refuse treatment.

    I don't let it bother me anymore. You do the best you can to explain your rational it is on tape any your butt is covered!
  3. by   Jerry 75
    So many times I have told the pt. or family to take the pt. to the hospital now. Plus given a laymens level explanation of why it is imperative to do so now. Do you understand this plan of care, do you have any questions?

    And yet get the response-
    "OK so what your saying is that I can take her to urgent care tomorrow right?"

  4. by   sunshines66
    I have called 911 several times, usually it is for the elderly pt who is confused or trying to do something for their spouse. I mostly do it with approval from the caller. I have called the Police a couple of times on Suicide calls, I have withheld the truth from the pt and called. I am not competely sure of my legal footing but ethically I know I am right on tract. You never know what some lawyer might say, but if someone has taken pills and is talking to me if I get an address out of them I will call in a heart beat to save them. I am taking the phone call as their cry for help, even if they tell me they don't want help. If they really didn't why call the nurse??