Where have all the calls gone?

  1. I work at a telephone triage center for a large practice of physicians in WI. Once 1/04 hit and the new insurances went into effect, we had a drastic reduction in the flow of calls coming in. Has anyone else experienced this? It's pretty scarey, especially when it is one's job we are talking about!
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  3. by   movealong
    We slowed a little after the flu season calmed down. But we still get plenty of incomings.

    I know after the first of the year some people change insurances, so maybe that's why you have slowed up.
  4. by   Shotzie
    We're seeing the same thing.
    Our organization just went through provider re-negotiations and we lost a couple of big insurers. Our calls have slowed as people have to decide whether to stay with us or go to another doc. This is a scary time because all of us are big girls who have seen a lot of water under the bridge and we know that a decrease in calls can mean no job. We're just watching and hoping things pick up.
    Best wishes to you-hope your call volume starts picking up fast!
  5. by   jadednurse
    We've had a number of new (big) contracts implemented since January, so we're seeing quite a bit more calls.

    It seems to me that there is a lag period sometimes when a new client is signed. Takes people awhile to figure out who we are & what we do. Of course there are some callers I wish never figured out that we're around...
  6. by   Audreyfay
    Thanks for your responses. It has picked up a little, but still not like before. I think it is probably due to insurance changes. Yes, it is scarey. Don't want to go looking anymore!