Where do I start looking?

  1. I've been a registered nurse for over 25 years and I've had a hip replacement which is holding me back from bedside care. I've worked on a Medical-Surgical-Orthopaedic/Oncology floor as a staff RN and Relief Charge Nurse. I am very interested in telephone triage and was wondering how do I start looking for jobs in this field? I'm not interested in the at-home telephone triage. I'm looking for a center that I could go to that is in the southern california area, preferably orange county.

    Hopefully someone could shed some light on this subject. I've look at insurance websites and a few hospitals, but i can't seem to find anything.

    Thanks, KHP
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  3. by   Ruthiegal
    Start by checking with insurance companies in the area larger ones often have call centers. Do a search online for 24/7 nurse lines, nurse advice lines, telephone triage, and telephonic nursing. You may get some ideas from there too. Good Luck!
  4. by   khpknightingale
    Thanks Ruthiegal! I have started doing that. :heartbeat
  5. by   yankees73
    I was wondering how you did finding a job in telephonic nursing. I am in the Albany NY area and I am interested in this field. Just seems like these jobs aren't advertised. Any suggestions?
  6. by   khpknightingale
    I have not continued looking. I had signed up with a company that helps place disabled nurses in such jobs. From the phone interview questions they asked me they seemed not to understand what the role of the Registered Nurse really is in the medical team. Their company is known for placing people with business/computer skills rather than medical knowledge. However the process was over the phone since there office for me was back East. It would be near you if you are in NY. They seemed to be only interested in placing me in other states or hundreds of miles away. In other words if you are flexible to move where ever the position is available then all is well and good. Also some companies expect you to have multiple licenses for other states and bilingual. Not interested in being bilingual spent to many years doing that. I said I would be open to relocate but in my state and in my county. Also I feel my age is against me and my disability. Believe me it matters they don't want to pay for experience. Well that is just my !

    There are jobs out there but you need to contact the companies. For example KPoncall, Molina or any large HMO or similar company. Google and you will find several major companies that hire in several states. They have positions in an office setting with banks of phone cubicles or you could have a home setup after training.
    Good Luck!