Wanting to put the telephone down and return to direct patient care

  1. After several years doing telephone nursing, my bum is getting sore/flat . Anyone experience any difficulties leaving telephone nursing and returning to direct patient care?
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  3. by   Imei
    As long as you are prepared to wear two hats, you won't have much difficulty at all. There are clinic positions with direct patient care that will still have some triaging over the phone as part of the work. Likely, there may be some check lists of procedures and duties that will need to be observed, just like a proctor or preceptor, but once you demonstrate the skill under observation, you'll be back in clinical practice in no time. I find that many places are very welcoming of the fact that I am comfortable working with people as well as technology, and worded that way, can be a terrific asset in the application and interviewing process.
  4. by   azilliRN
    It will 2 years January 11 th when I started working in a Family Practice clinic. As an RN, I triage daily - 8 hours a day. If I am not doing that I am giving injections. I'm bored stiff. I would love to find a job where I can use my skills -especially before I forget them! You are fortunate to be able to go back the floor. Phone triage can be quite boring and frustrating