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Just wondering if there are any companies in so cali hiring for telephone triage? I have experience in NICU, Newborn Nursery and recently started L &D. Thanks Are any companies homebased?... Read More

  1. by   pmnikki
    I, too, am interested in working for Kaiser on the only way to find out information and apply online? I cannot seem to get a nurse recruiter to speak to. Any suggestions?
  2. by   feeds4
    Can you share how to prepare for the transition.
    Intense does not matter if eventualy it leads to home.
    Thank you,
  3. by   Jerry 75
    Where in So Cal?

    Kaiser Permanente San Diego was hiring for Call center (KP on Call). With goal of eventually within 3-6 mos working permanently out of your home
  4. by   Jerry 75
    Also check Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego I believe they also have a Telephone Triage department
  5. by   telenurse2009
    I went to the website and no job openings for telephone triage came up. Do you know if they will be hiring soon?
    Thanks for your help