Reality Check. How many calls do you triage? - page 2

My part-time job employer went through some job evaluation and redesign. For 52 calls in a 7 hour period, there were three RNs. Does that sound right? After 7 hours and 28 calls, I was ready to... Read More

  1. by   espritjolieRN
    Today I worked 9 hours, took 40 calls, and started/managed one IV. Too busy, but the types of calls (only a few were really complex) honestly allowed it to be doable. My preferred day is about 25 calls. The one time I had 50+ messages to take care of by myself I felt like patient care was very much being compromised.
  2. by   Jerry 75
    We are required to do 4 calls per hour in max time of 12 minutes
  3. by   G'smommy
    I usually triage 6-8 calls an hour. Right now thanks to swine flu and scared parents I can triage up to 15. I've been doing this for a few years, so I've pretty much go it down. I can comfortably (without getting behind) triage 8-10 calls an hour.
  4. by   sunshines66
    We are strongly encouraged to be able to take on average 4 calls an hour. I think it averages out okay. Some calls are just a couple of minutes and others take much longer especially when I have to wait for the doc to call me back. Worse day I took 44 calls in a 12 hour shift. That means I was always busy.