Protocols for triage

  1. I work in a Family Practice clinic and have 2 other "sister" sites. We use a book of protocols that references materials from 1991(that's the most recent).
    What do other FP clinics or outpatient clinics use for triage?
    Thanks for the help!
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  3. by   KidzRN
    We are mostly pediatric based, but we do get some adult and OB calls from our large health department after hours. We use Barton D. Schmitt MD Pediatric Protocols with a software program called CENTRAMAX. He also has adult protocols. We have binders/books to use during computer down times, or for nurses working from home.

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   AzHospiceRN
    Hi, I'm a triage nurse for a hospice in AZ and we are developing protocols for our dept. Any suggestions for hospice specific protocols?
  5. by   Shivaatl
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  6. by   eltrip
    Our triage software is Centaurus, from LVM Systems in Phoenix. Still working on becoming more comfortable with the triage set-up. After triaging in my head, it's an adjustment to change my way to the computer's way of doing things.

    Live & learn...and keep moving' on.
  7. by   Marrakech
    Hello, this is my first time at this site. It is so exciting to know that there are other Pediatric Triage nurses out there. I work in a practice with 5 physicians and 2 CRNP's. I was hoping you could give me an idea of salaries. I love my job but feel compelled to make a career change because of the low pay. What do you think.
  8. by   Audreyfay
    Hi guys....I work part time as a telephone triage nurse, along with my full time diabetes educator job. We use Centramax, along with protocols.
  9. by   Razorback RN
    I work in College Health. We don't have the budget (or call volume) for computer software so we have go the "low tech route". We use "Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses" by Julie K. Briggs. (Lippimcott) The first edition was published in 1997. A second edition is available now. It is a user friendly and effective tool. We don't do pediatrics. Our population is gererally young adults with occasoinal older "non-traditional" students. We also have a large international student population.
  10. by   Andrew Preston
    Try - they are a US based company but provide automated algorithms and software worldwide. They are currently in use in the UK, Europe, South Africa, NZ, Australia, South America and US. They have taken >10 million calls worldwide with no adverse outcomes.

    This is the clinical product that replaced Centramax and HBOC in the UK as sole providers to the national call centre network there.
  11. by   Cowboy Fan
    I used Centramax the first job I had and found them easy to use and very nurse friendly. Then my company purchased the Lovelace guidelines, from New Mexico. They are OK but very incomplete, never have been updated, but do require the nurse to think. If you just go by the guidelines you can get into trouble quickly. Some of the stuff in there is insane. For example Adult=Burn guidelines gives a disposition of ER for "any burn to the hand" then the home care says to apply Bacitracin ointment to the burned area with a clean dressing.
  12. by   trevion
    Interested in developing triage protocols specifically for ob/gyn. looking into several triage books, but will need some type of software program. any assistance or suggestions appreciated. what experience do you have?

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  13. by   Arimark
    There are a number of published protocols (Briggs, Thompson, Schmitt, etc.) out there. I'm not aware of any hospice-specific protocols.

  14. by   hipab4hands
    Quote from vtrn
    I work in a Family Practice clinic and have 2 other "sister" sites. We use a book of protocols that references materials from 1991(that's the most recent).
    What do other FP clinics or outpatient clinics use for triage?
    Thanks for the help!
    The HMO I work for had the docs in the med/obgyn/peds clinic develope protocols for each dept.
    Unfortunately, different docs work on each different protocol, so we run into trouble because of the "left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing"
    syndrome. Also the protocols are updated several times a year supposedly to simplify the protocols, but each time they are updated, they just become more complicated and time consuming to work through.

    A good example occurred recently, where the sore throat protocol outcome was an appointment within 24 hrs. However, if used the Cold protocol , which has the exact same symptoms as the sore throat protocol-the recommended outcome was office visit within 72 hrs.