need help about telephonic nursing

  1. Don't know if this is the best place to ask this/these questions but here goes: I'm trying awfully hard to land a telephonic nursing position where they're hiring on three second shifters full time. Sounds good, theoretically with my immense career as a well rounded nurse to land one of these three positions. However, have never done telephonice nor triage nursing per se.
    To you telephonic nurses out there: What is it that I need to guarantee during a potential interview and/or in a cover letter to accompany my resume to this future potential employer that I'm the one that they need/want to hire?
    What is it that I need to bring to the table, so to speak?
    I'm clutching at straws here, since I've, like I said, never done the triage/telephonic thing yet. But have been in nursing twenty plus am well rounded in experience in general. Help! Much appreciation for those reading and/or responding to this plea....!
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  3. by   ttrn8088
    Aside from your varied experience, try to show evidence of excellent communication skills (have to get the big picture very quickly on the phone) and also proficiency in computer usage.
  4. by   CiouBella
    In addition to excellent assessment skills, listening, verbal and written communication skills, ability to quickly establish rapport with clients over the telephone, computer and typing skills, you must enjoy talking on the phone for hours on end. You must be able to sit for prolonged periods of time. You must also be licensed within multiple or the entire United States. Licensure requirements will depend on your employer, but most companies require licensure in all 50 states. Autonomy within a team environment is crucial.
    This nursing environment is enjoyable if you are ready to leave "hands-on" nursing. It is a different kind of "hands on" because you do have direct patient contact, only via telephone. Best of luck to you in your search for a telephonic nursing job. I believe this is one important aspect of the future of nursing.
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  5. by   Jerry 75
    Response to nurseangel47

    If a Telephone Triage company is Hungry they will hire anybody.

    But in respect 2 your query they like to see 3 things:
    -diversified background is a plus ED gets you right in
    - the ability to Multi Task. I may have triaged 2 calls told each I will call them back and have pout pages out to both PCP's and while awaiting their call back am receiving other calls to triage. In the middle of 1 call I have to put the pt. on hold to answer the incomming MD call, write down his instructions pick up the call I have on hold, rember to call back the pt. who I called the doctor for and await the 2nd MD's call while taking new calls.
    -Time on the job as a Nurse