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Hi all, I am a RN that hasn't quite found my "niche". I have done one year in OR, one year in cardiac outpatient, and am currently in my 4th month on an Acute Transplant/Med-Surg floor. I have... Read More

  1. by   Danni10
    I have worked in a neurosurgery call center for 7 months, before that I worked in ER, Hospice and Med Surg. Honestly I hated bedside nursing, and thought about quitting nursing after 15 years then I applied for the call center and got hired. I absolutely love it! I I never plan to return to bedside nursing. I work mon-fri, all wkends and holidays off, 8-5 shift, I never have to worry if I have to work Xmas or thanksgiving because we are closed! Never have to hope I get lucky and get Xmas and not the managers friend, because we are closed! Of course you get rude people on the phone but in 4-5 min you are done with them vs 12 hour dealing with a rude needy patient and family at the bedside. The only regret I have is that I didn't leave bedside nursing sooner!
  2. by   YellowRose88
    It's so good to here you found your niche in nursing! I got burned out from bedside and now do reimbursement coding and love it.