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    Conference about Telehealth and Internet Technologies
    Strategies for Educating Nurses

    WHAT: FITNE, Inc. is pleased to host a conference entitled: "Teaching about
    Telehealth and Internet Technologies: Strategies for Educating Nurses."

    Featured speakers who represent a wealth of knowledge and experience in the
    areas of telehealth, Internet technologies, and distance learning include:

    Loretta Schlachta-Fairchild, PhD, RN, President, iTelehealth, Inc.
    Dr. Schlachta is nationally known for her pioneering achievements in
    telenursing, including serving as Project Director for the U. S. Army for
    Electronic Housecall and as Clinical Director and CEO of Strategic Monitored
    Services, a disease management company using home telehealth technology to
    deliver multidisciplinary care.

    Jo Ann Klein, MS, RN-C, CIO, iTelehealth, Inc.
    Ms. Klein, who most recently held the position of Deputy Clinical Director
    for Information Systems at Strategic Monitored Services, is an expert in the
    formation, operation and marketing of Internet web communities as well as
    computer applications and services on the Internet.

    Nancy Sharp, MS, RN, FAAN, Associate, iTelehealth, Inc.
    Ms. Sharp has long been an advocate for educating health professionals on
    telecommunications technologies through continuing education, consumer
    education and clinical applications. Well-known as the past Executive Vice
    President for the American College of Nurse Practitioners and past President
    of the American Nephrology Nurses Association, Ms. Sharp is a prolific
    writer and speaker.

    Vicky Elfrink, PhD, RN C, Nurse Educator for FITNE, Inc.
    Dr. Elfrink is the visionary Project Manager of the Nightingale Tracker, a
    computerized nursing education information system that is currently used in
    more than 40 U.S. schools of nursing. She is an expert in standardized
    languages and serves on the ANA Committee for Nursing Practice Information

    Julie McAfooes, MS, RN C, VP for Software Development for FITNE, Inc.
    Ms. McAfooes has produced dozens of award-winning multimedia nursing
    applications and has promoted the use of technology at more than 200 nursing
    educational events.

    For more information about iTelehealth and its staff, please visit

    WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This conference has been designed for nurse educators and
    staff developers who presently teach or plan to teach telehealth and
    Internet technologies to their students and staff. The conference is also
    an excellent source of information for students and nurses who are
    especially interested in learning more about telehealth and Internet

    WHEN: October 5 & 6, 2001

    WHERE: The Concourse Airport Hotel and Conference Center, Columbus, Ohio

    HOW: For a complete schedule of the conference or to learn more about
    registering, visit: or call FITNE
    toll free at: 1-800-691-8480.
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