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Hi all, I am due for my first annual raise in triage nursing. I am not in a hospital based program. I work for an insurer. I was wondering if I could expect the typical 2-4% raise as it was when I... Read More

  1. by   movealong
    At my last job, the benefits were better. We received an annual raise ( between 1-5%). We also qualified for annual bonuses from the company that were about 2,500. I miss those!

    I haven't been at my new job for a year yet, but will be up for a raise at my one year from date of hire. I understand it's around 3%. Better than nothing and I hope I get it. . We get little bonuses along the way for meeting certain standards.
  2. by   Su360
    Would you mind telling me what city you are in?????

    Quote from eltrip
    We rec'd a raise...5% - they're trying to bring us to the same level as bedside nurses.

    Our facility also gave out bonuses for the 2nd year in a row (the only 2 years that bonuses have EVER been given out in anyone's recollection).