Annual Meeting of the American Telemedicine Association

  1. Greetings! For those who may be interested, the Annual Meeting of the American Telemedicine Association is scheduled for Denver, April 17-20. The Telenursing Special Interest Group will be sponsoring a Pre-conf Short Course on AM of Sunday April 17 prior to the ATA Annual Conference.

    Conference info is at

    This conference is really great for those who want to learn about telehealth/telemedicine/telenursing.....also the exhibits are interesting re: telehealth tools & technology on the market.

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  3. by   starmac901
    I am very interested in obtaining information regarding home-based telephone triage opportunities. I am a Emergency Dept. nurse and I have experience in ICU, ER, and telemetry units. Additionally, I am also very experience in the ambulatory clinic setting. I am very familiar and competent in various order entry and personal computer programs. I have contacted Intelicare, Inc. but unfortunately they are not recruiting at this time. However, an email from Intellicare invited me to apply online and I may considered for hire by mid year of 2005. If you have any suggestions or referrals for companies who may be recruiting registered nurses for home-based telephone triage nurses, please let me know. Thank you very much.