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I could use some objective opinions about this. Here is the situation:

I just finished the 2nd semester of ADN program - I have 2 more to go. I applied for some tech positions at several hospitals in hopes to get some more experience under my belt before jumping into it cold after graduation (I have a slight EMS background, but thought I could use more experience in a hospital setting). I don't *need* a job - the money isn't an issue. I'm a strong student (3.9), so I'm sure I can balance a PT or PRN tech/CA/NA position, especially since the experience would be valuable - it would get my foot in the door (especially since I'm wanting critical care after grad), give me more pt contact & experience w/ ADL's & such and beef up my resume.

I've been offered a tech position in the float pool (the only offer I've received so far) - which means I get great flexibility on hours (perfect w/ school/parenting schedule) and get to try out different areas of the hospital. The pay is even better than I expected (but as mentioned before - not my primary consideration)

The problem: I had a clinical rotation at this hospital and HATED it. I told myself that I would never want to work there when I graduated. With few exceptions, the nurses were awful - cranky and rude and some downright incompetent - many expressed that they weren't happy there. The environment is drab and cluttered and ill equiped and even dirty. It was a miserable clinical experience and I couldn't wait to get out of there. To be fair - this was only one unit in a big hospital and I didn't have any experiences on the other floors and departments.

So should I consider accepting this position anyway? Should I just concentrate on school 100% and not bother w/ an aide job? What would you do? Would it be ok to suck it up and accept this job at a hospital I don't like just to get the experience, and then cut loose when I finish NS? Would it look better to an ICU hiring manager to have no hospital experience at all, or float tech experience at a different hospital (and my willingness to leave that hospital - does it look bad to not have loyalty to current employer?)

TIA for your thoughts.


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I'm just a student but, personally, I wouldn't do it. If you already got a look at the place and really hated it, why add that stress on top of school if you don't need to? Besides, there's a nursing shortage and you probably won't have trouble getting the job you want with or without the additional experience. And, if you really want the additional experience, I would look elsewhere.



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I feel that if you have a nagging should listen to it. I'm sure that something better will come along.



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You listed many more cons than pros in your post. If you do not have to work, take advantage of it while you can. You will have a lot of time to get your needed experience once you graduate.

When in doubt....don't!

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I have been a tech for quite a while, and I can tell you that what you have the opportunity to learn while being a tech is priceless. Especially in the float pool. One of the biggest advantages of the float pool is that you don't have to get involved in the politics of the floor. I have found nursing school to be a piece of cake (so far) because they haven't covered a condition, or situation that I haven't seen before. And, if things really suck, you can just work per diem.

Another thing to consider, I talked to a recruiter and she said that they only hire new grads into the CCU/ICU if they have had prior experience as a tech in the CCU/ICU. Even with a nursing shortage. The other hospitals will hire anybody, but for the best one's in town, they want some kind of experience.

Maybe you could work there a while and then find a better job after you have gained tech experience??

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