Hi! I'm taking the teas version 5 in a few weeks in order for acceptance into the LPN program. The minimum score needed is 55. I'm currently enrolled in A&P 1 and not very proficient in math. How hard is the teas?



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If all you need is a 55, these TEAS shouldn't be hard at all!

It's just like taking a compass test for the most part. If you get the ATI Teas V practice tests(specifically the online versions) you'll be able to gauge your knowledge and I found the practice to be harder than the actual test, so with that being said, you'd most likely score at least 10pts above your practice test score.

Good luck to you.

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Thank you so much! I bought a book to study by at Barnes and noble so I'm going to look over that! Hope I can score a 55! Math and science are tough.


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you will be just fine, especially if you only need a minimum of a 55!

the best thing to do is to buy the review book that ATI provides on their website (i think its also available at barnes and noble and amazon). it teaches all of the math you need to know and it will cover the A&PII information that you haven't reviewed yet since you haven't taken the class! there are also two review tests in the back that are exactly how the test is set up.

at the time i was taking the teas i bought the ati book in a bundle with two online practice tests. i was a little disappointed in the online tests because i failed them miserably, but they were much harder than the actual teas exam. the tests in the book are more similar to the test. i ended up scoring in the advanced section and got into school.

you will do great. just dedication time to review every day. i went through the entire book once and took the first test in the book, then went through the whole book a second time and took the second test.