TEAS V Score???


Hello everyone, I applied to the RN and the LPN program at my school. Sadly, I did not get accepted into the RN program. :( I won't find out about the LPN program for another 2-3 weeks. On my TEAS V transcript in gives me the national average for the RN program.

Anyone who applied to an LPN program, what is the national average for LPN? I am pretty sure LPN and RN are not calculated into the same average.


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On my Teas V report it says Mean- National: 63.3%. I applied to an LPN program. What was the Mean-National percentage for RN on your report?

RN-4Ever, DNP

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Oh, ok. It said the same. When I took the TEAS 4, it said something different for both. Thanks for posting. :)