Teas V - Online Assessment Tests - Which is better form A or B?


Hello. I am taking my Teas V test in ten days and I would like to get your input on which online TEAS practice test should I buy -- form A or B? I already have the manual but would like to buy the practice test but I can't afford both. I want to see if one version of the tests is better than the other. Or are they fairly the same? Please advise. Thank you!


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They are exactly the same. Personally, I did not find them very useful as study tools. They did give you some idea of the format of the test, but otherwise I thought they were overly difficult compared to the real thing.

If you want to buy anything, I would just get the book and use it for review. I studied for a couple of weeks by taking the in-book tests and got a pretty good score on the actual TEAS V.

There are lots of posts on this site with tips and feedback from people who've taken this test. Good luck!


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Thank you so much for the advise! :)