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Hello all!

I'm going to be taking Anatomy & Physiology I again this summer along with Algebra and Drug Calculations. After all that I'm hoping to get into the program and take the TEAS V.

I haven't taken chemistry since high school - would you recommend reviewing it by taking a course before the TEAS V? I cannot stand Chemistry but I want to score well on the TEAS. Are there a lot of Chem questions on the exam? Any advice would be great! Thanks!

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Good day:

I recommend reviewing chemical bonds and the very basics of balancing chemical formulas.

Thank you.

I agree with pmabraham, balancing formulas and the types of bonds are important. Also review the differences between atomic number, mass number, etc.

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jclark76 good call; and on that note, know the difference between atomic weight and a mole.
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Thank you both so much!! Perhaps I'll buy a basic chemistry review book.

I last took chemistry in 1993 as a high school sophomore. I scored 100% on the physical science/chemistry section of the Teas science, and ironically only in the low 90's on the biology and anatomy areas, classes I took within the last semester before the TEAS. It's bark is worse than it's bite, I scored in the 95th percentile nationally on my first try without studying. 84.0% A.I.S., so it's doable. I'm 37 and forgot how to study about 15 years ago lol

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