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TEAS tips - Military and little college education

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I'm looking for tips on study prep for someone who has never been enrolled into full time college. Its been 5 years since I graduated high school and have been in the military since! I have about 80 college semester hours, all earned online one class at a time. The highest level science I have completed college wise, is AP1w/lab.

I plan to separate from the military during the summer of '18 and roll right into a nursing program the following fall. The program requires transfer students to have completed the TEAS within 3 years prior to enrollment date, with no more than 2 attempts.

I'm doubting myself and worried I won't be able to prepare enough to pass the exam! Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated!


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I think you should get a TEAS study book or two, review the problems and do a practice test or two so you know what you are up against. The math and reading sections do not require more math ability than what most folks get in high school.

The science is another issue. Not that it is particularly comprehensive, but the A&P can have some oddball questions. Was your A&P class divided by anatomy and physiology separately or was it a combination of anatomy and physiology, covering only certain systems? I would recommend having anatomy and physio completed. I don't think you need to have completed microbio as long as you can review the immune system separately.

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