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Hello, i wanted to know how the scoring for the teas test worked i was given a sample sheet for the scores that i need to receive in order to get into the program. They go as followed:

Adjusted Individual Total Score: 90.0%

Mean-National: 74.1%

Mean Program: 75.2

Percentile Rank-National-blank

Percentile Rank-Program-blank

(Scores noted in Admission Greater than or equal to 45th percentile)

Adjusted Mean Percentile Rank



TEAS: Reading 97.5% 86.4% 87.7% 97 96

TEAS: Math 86.7% 63.7% 64.6% 92 92

TEAS: Science 86.7% 66.9% 67.9% 96 96

TEAS: English 90.9% 77.8% 78.8% 95 95

The directions as to what they require are "Student applicants must achieve a minimum score of 45 reflected under the "Program Percentile Rank" in each category of the test. Reading Math Science and English.

What I'm trying to figure out, is what the 45th percentile means as to what i need to score.. if anyone can help I would really appreciate it (:


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The Percentile Rank- Program- This is where your score ranks with people in your program/trying to get into your program. With needing a score of 45, this means that you need to do better than 45% of people in your program.

for instance, that rank will tell you how well you did based off of the others trying to get into your program. They want you to do better than 45%. So really you need to get a high score on your TEAS Test because this will rank you in that percentile range and you want it be above 45%. With that being said, there is not really a target score of what you need to get, you just need your individual score to at least be any where from 85-95 I am guessing so that you will make it above that 45% rank. The higher the individual score the higher you will rank in the program percentile. I hope this helps. Just remember, I do not know what you need to get individually but I would try to get the highest you can so your program percentile increases.