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TEAS test

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This may sound crazy, but for some reason I am extremely nervous about doing the TEAS exam. I am a junior in an associates in business administration degree (well, withdrawn to pursue my passion in nursing), but I am nervous that, despite studying, may freak out and not pass, especially with the math.

If math is a weakness I suggest you to practice it a lot until you feel comfortable. Do you have the ati manual? You could do further google search on subsections within math for more help. I think YouTube might also be a good place to look at also.


I am in a similar situation. I am attempting to transition from over 15 years in engineering to nursing. For me, math is the easiest but that is expected given my engineering background. I highly recommend you obtain the ATI study manual. I just took the TEAS last Saturday and the manual is absolutely required, in my opinion. Read the manual first in its entirety. Take extra time through the math in your case to make sure you absorb the material. Then take the practice test in the ATI manual but be sure to mark uncertain questions with a small question mark. This is critical because you might get many lucky right answers without really understanding the material. When you grade the test, read every single answer/explanation to those questions you were not clear about and especially for those that you missed. Take note of serious weak areas and revisit those with a vengeance. For me, I spent about two weeks aggressively studying my weak areas which was mostly the science material. When you think you are better prepared, take the second practice test and again- mark questions that you are not sure about. If you still struggle in the same areas, hit them even harder! I studied fairly hard for about 4 weeks.