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TEAS test scores

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I am taking the TEAS, because I have applied to the bridge program through Darton College at the Sandersville campus. I have searched everywhere with no answers as to how the TEAS test scores are used to determine you is accepted and who is not. Does anyone know the answer or have any idea where to search for it??


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Look at your school's website. I know that's the generic answer, but the admittance requirements should be posted. My school required an over all score of at least a 72%, but I've heard of other institutions requiring a certain score for each catagory of the exam. If the requirements are not on their website, I would find a contact and simply call. I've found that phoning these professor types, is more often than not the best means of answering questions.

I just took the teas today for Darton and the instructor said they look at the class average and your specific scores in each session. They also look at GPA , HTH.


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