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TEAS Test Prep Course, East Bay-California


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to add a new thread because I haven't seen any information on a TEAS Prep course being offered in Placer County nor in Sacramento County at this time.

However, I did find one in the East Bay! And I thought I share this information with my fellow pre-nursing students, like myself who purchased the highly recommended TEAS manual with its online quizzes, but still feel the need for an extra resource, like attending a TEAS prep course in a classroom setting.

According to Ms xyz, they have new TEAS preparation classes every couple of weeks for the different sections of the test. Her contact information is:

Xyz Unit Manager/Program Coordinator,

California State University, East Bay



I understand that Marin County offers prep courses as well, but I did not research that area. I will be attending the TEAS prep classes in the East Bay this summer, (June 2013). I look forward to the classes. It will be a long drive from my hometown to San Francisco, but well worth the drive for me. I hope this was helpful. Have a great day.

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I've seen these courses - I believe they are with or thru Cal State East Bay? Anyway, I was going to enroll in one, however, I decided to go to the library and get a Math book to review (fundamentals like multiplication/division, algebra, word questions, high school geometry). This worked perfectly and saved me some $$. I also recommend the ATI/TEAS V book to review. All the subjects and material in the book, will be on the actual test in some form or another. The Science portion is the hardest of the TEAS test - the questions on the actual test are the same subject matter from the review book though some are detailed. Use the internet, including YouTube to brush up on: mitosis/meisosis, cell structure and organelles, chemistry basics including elements and simple equations, scientific theory/experiments, etc. The Reading, Math and Grammar portions on the test are pretty consistent to those in the ATI study guide. Lastly, if you want extra practice, you may want to purchase the online ATI practice tests (forms A and B) these will give you a good feel of the actual test and your readiness. Good luck in your preparation and review!!

Thank you yedwards42 for the information. And good luck to you too.

Oops ... I just discovered that I made a mistake regarding the TEAS prep classes at California State University, East Bay. The TEAS prep classes are not offered every couple of weeks, but every quarter (4 times each year). In Fall 2013, the courses will be offered at their Concord Campus. In Summer, Winter and Spring, they're offered at the main Hayward Campus. I would def checkout their website or call. I deeply apologize for the confusion.

I have a hard time taking the TEAS V. I need a refresher class too. I try to google schools that are offering a prep class but I can't find one. Do they offer a TEAS prep class in summer? Eventhough I pass the TEAS V, I need to get a higher score in TEAS V to get admitted in CSU schools. I'm hopeless. ahaha

Has any attended the teas prep course at cal east bay? I am looking at that or adkin academy? Please help any info would be great!