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TEAS Test discouragement

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Hi everyone,

I have finished all my prerequisites for my college's nursing program but I cannot seem to pass the TEAS test. My scores are in the 60% and I need a 70% for the application but I would like to score in the high 80s. I just bought a momentrix university TEAS test prep course, I have the ATI book, and have been taking practice test. Though, I seem to be getting poor scores on the test as well. Any words or suggestions on how to be motivated and get through this. It's depressing me, I've worked hard in all my classes but this test has become a challenge for me. I've taken it twice, I only have one last chance.


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Hi there!

As someone who just passed the TEAS very recently (but didn't score high enough for my current program unfortunately) I definitely recommend the ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide by Mometrix. I scored in the "proficient" range at 79.3% by using that study guide and the TEAS VI Study Manual from ATI themselves. 

I highly suggest sticking to the most official material by ATI and use Mometrix to brush up on some skills and terminology. Give yourself time to study in the best studying environment possible. I can personally say that I studied for 2 weeks straight 6-8 hours or more a day, and that was NOT enough time to study for the TEAS. Do not let this test get to you, give yourself time to study, and definitely try to give yourself time to relax and de-stress! 

Always practice the best test taking skills like eliminating the clearly wrong answer, re-read the questions so you know what they're asking for (e.g., synonyms vs antonyms), etc. Take plenty of pretests to find where your strengths and weaknesses lie, then work on the weaknesses first! Make flashcards, get your family involved by helping quiz you with things like formulas or definitions of a word. 

Regarding the official TEAS study manual; always look at and read the outcomes of each topic and what they want you to know. I personally tried to avoid unofficial ATI materials online to avoid the overwhelming confusion of it all. I do recommend printing out math worksheets to practice proportions, fractions, converting decimals to percents, etc., like "Kuta Software" worksheets, practice balancing chemical equations, and so on. 

Nurse Cheung has very nice videos on Youtube regarding the topics in the TEAS straight from the study manual. Her videos are just a brief overview of each topic plus some examples! Although you should definitely still try to study more in depth about those topics! Crash Course definitely helped me in my weaker areas when it came to Anatomy and Physiology. Not so much Chemistry though. 

I had higher scores on my ATI A & B Pretests than my TEAS test so I'd suggest to expect the worst and study like the worst is coming. Use the score report from ATI as your guideline as you go!

Hope this helps! Don't overthink it, you got this! Good luck!



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