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I am taking the teas for a second time and freaking out. I want nothing else but to be a nurse. Ive been an ma in peds for 15 yrs. But if i fail again i have to wait a yr. I cant do that ill have to do something else. Any advise. I am Bad at math and science and have been studing for months but still that im not prepared.


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I'm glad I came to this site. I am like you. There is nothing more that I want to do but become a nurse! I took mine last week, one for two diff schools for the LPN program. 49.3% overall. I'm terrible and math buy I have studied, did practice questions, ordered a teas book and still didn't do as well. One of the school gives 3points on their rating scales for the total, reading, and math scores. I won't be getting those 3points


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Hi Guys!!! If you are struggling with math and need a good review, i used a great set of videos on you tube. If you look up the guys last name "Keshwani" he has tons of videos and he follows the TEAS math section page by page and shows you better ways to do the problems in the book. Being out of math for so long, it was SO helpful. Good luck!


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I used youtube as well!! Bit not under that channel! I will definitely check that out!! Thanks!

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