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TEAS scores for Emory or GSU



I am preparing to apply for the Emory BSN fall 2017 start and I was wondering if any applicants... accepted or wait listed felt comfortable sharing their TEAS results?

Very nervous about taking them at the end of the semester and the site says 90% overall so I was wondering how people have done that have applied ?

Thank you!

Following your post! Does Emory only start programs in the fall?

I believe so! I think mercer offers a spring start.

Okay, thanks! I haven't looked into Mercer at all. I'm planning to apply for Kennesaw's spring 18 program and I have briefly looked into emory's program. I'm super nervous about the teas though too. Are you planning to get the ATI study manual?

Yes I have bought it! Its very helpful and reminded me of some basic grammar I have completely forgot about and basic math equations. I will probably apply to all of the nearby schools just to see my options as far as finances go!

There's also two apps that are free to start that I use alternating if I happen to be sitting somewhere and need to kill time. One app is the ATI and the other is named TEAS.

I am going to take my first practice test next week and can update what I get. My finals have me swamped this week.