TEAS scores for Accepted 2018 NH Students

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Hey everybody!!

I am gearing up to apply to NHTI, MCC, Great Bay, and NCC for the 2019 Fall cohorts. Hopefully one of them takes me :)

For those that got in for the 2018 cohorts at any of these schools, what did you get on your TEAS? I know the minimum scores, but I would like to apply with a competitive score.

Thanks in advance!!

I have not been accepted yet, but I did apply to NHTI, LRCC, and WMCC for the fall 2019 cohort. I got an 80% overall on my TEAS (89 on Reading, 90 on Math, 66 on Science, and 75 on English), which I'm hoping will be competitive enough to get me in somewhere. NHTI is far and away my first choice, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! What about you? What did you get?

Hi! I’m applying to GBCC for fall 19 and I got an 88 on my TEAS! Hoping that’s good!

Hi all! I applied last year to NHTI and MCC’s RN programs. I had a read score of 85.3% (92 in reading, 97 in math, 72 in science, 79 in English). I didn’t have any pre-req’s done at the time I was accepted. I got into NHTI and am currently going there, but I didn’t make it into MCC. Hope that gives kind of an idea for admissions!!

Thanks! That was my next question... my TEAS score is pretty high, but I won't have A&P 1 and 2 completed - I'm currently taking A&P 1 and I am going to take 2 this summer. I've read older posts on here that make it seem like it's pretty crucial points wise to have anatomy done... ugh

Hey y’all! I applied with a 92 overall score on the TEAS with all prerequisites except AP II, Human Growth, and Micro which will all be done by end of summer 2019. I am hoping we hear back by mid March or so because the anxiety is killing me.

Emily, when did you hear back from each school last year?


Sorry im late to the party, I think I saw you got in! I didnt have any prerequisites except English Comp. and a random math course that transferred with me from head start in high school. I didn’t enroll in A&P 1 until they reached out to me after acceptance to take it over the summer so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed in the fall. I’m wrapping up my first year soon and hope to see some of your faces in the fall! (Also not sure if I can do this here but if anyone has questions about what to expect in the program my email is emily32799atgmaildotcom)!

congrats again guys!


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