TEAS 5 Prep Help


Hello. I will be taking the TEAS 5 test in January for the the first time. I know that I still have plenty of time to study. I honestly wanted to go ahead and get a jump start on studying. I am taking my chemistry and biology classes this semester. I want to know the basic topics to study the most. Also which teas 5 practice testing booklet would everyone recommend?


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I highly recommend the ati study guide. It covers all the material on the exam. With that said, many have also used other materials to supplement the science section.


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I would get the ATI study guide and as you go thorough your chemistry and biology, look at the book and mark what you need to know that way when its brought up in class you know to make sure to understand it completely (not like you wouldn't), and you keep any notes or material related to that section. Since you still have a while, I personally would split the sections into the three remaining months and study little by little. The last month I would go over everything and print out worksheets for the subjects I didn't understand and work them out. I am taking my teas today and let me tell you that no matter how long you have been studying for you will still feel nervous and unsure about the test. Trust what you know, and you'll do great.