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Hello everyone. I've been reading these boards for a while and this is my first time posting.

I am applying to a few college statewide and I'm in Los Angeles, California. The deadline for Cal State LA TEAS results are January 5, 2015 and I'm planning on taking the exam later this month. I am finishing up anatomy and microbiology next week, and will take physiology next month.

I would like to know if anyone has taken any TEAS prep courses in the area or online that are roughly $200 or less.

I just ordered a few prep books, and I'm not sure how my first go at it will end since I haven't taken physio yet, but I am hopeful since other schools I am applying to have later deadlines which give me some room to take the TEAS again if I don't do too well.

Any advice is welcome. Thank you.


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Hello and welcome to the site!

It sounds like you have a good study plan. Look around at other threads in this forum. Also do a search by clicking on the magnifying glass in the yellow toolbar at the top of the page.

Good luck!!

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Thanks. I have done a search and checked other threads, but can't find anything regarding a TEAS prep course in the LA area. I found one online course in Chula Vista but they have requirements I can't meet since I am not local.