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Hi Everyone!

I've been gathering a lot of tips from this site so I wanted to share one of my own! It may have been shared before but I have found it extremely helpful!

If you go to YouTube and type in Keshwani Prep there is a tutor that does tons of videos on all sorts of math from various exams. He has a whole playlist of the TEAS math from the ATI book and breaks everything down step-by-step...and he also gives a lot of hints/shortcuts!

I have only gone through 28 of the 80 videos and just scored an 82% on my practice exam in the math section. I'm someone who always struggles with math and scored a C in Algebra (I'll be taking it over this summer).

Good luck! Check out these videos, especially if math is not one of your strengths! :)


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Thanks. I looked at a few of them, not a complete clip yet. Accent is not too bad, and he has a bit of humor.

Thank you so much! I too suffer in math and I've always gotten c's in Algebra and geometry so this will help a lot. Best of luck to you and keep us posted


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I came across the video I saw all of them. They are great! When do you take the test


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I know study guide for preparing TEAS Exam. Please do let me know if someone is looking for it. There are many good reviews about the guide. All the best to all the applicants.


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I'll be taking the exam April 8th - very nervous! Just trying to study as much as I can tolerate so then at the very least I know I tried my best! If I have to take it again I will, but I'd prefer not to! When is yours?


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Okay, I had to join allnurses, just to comment on this post! Thank you so much for posting the link to the YouTube videos! That guys is amazing, I am taking my test in four days and although I have read through the math chapter and looked at several math sites do practice questions, I have still struggled with understanding everything in the book (I am horrible when it comes to math). His videos are so helpful in explaining things and break things down into an understand format, especially where he goes through the book question by question. I am hoping I can get through all his videos in the next few days.

But just the improvement you saw with only doing 28 out of the 80 videos makes me very hopeful that even if I can't get through them all, it will still help give me a good foundation.

Thank you again,

good luck on the test :)


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Good luck to you too! :)

I'm glad the videos have helped! I didn't end up going through every single video...just topics that I needed to brush up on and I will re-visit those ones again. Some parts of math make sense to me so I just skipped over those videos.

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