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Just took my first attempt at the TEAS for an LPN program. I didn't do as well as I had hoped. My overall score was higher than the required score but the science section was my lowest score and brought my grade down. It is very discouraging....I was really hoping to do better. I studied the ATI manual, watched and used the mometrix material and watched a TON to Khan videos. I felt confident. Some of the questions were so random- when the study guide states to look information up on the internet how are you suppose to know what to study? There is never ending information. For an LPN program you are not required to take classes other than A&P 1 and a Nurtrtion class, so the education is not as strict as RN pre- requisites are.

I needed to take it before the end of this year....it's my fault that I waited until last minute...I'm super bummed.