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TEAS help :(

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I have test in 2 weeks and I've been study for two months. I took the practice test and read the ATI manual, cover to cover. I still the help for the English parts so, how do I do that? Any suggestions? This is my second/last chance and I need help. Does anyone know the TEAS test prep classes in Georgia? (Any website or online class).

Khan Academy should have some great stuff.

I actually think there's a whole section on their website just for the TEAS. I'd also recommend watching some videos on YouTube and getting the online practice tests and doing those. They're $45 each, but very similar to the real test.

Also, when you're done with the online practice tests, it will give you a breakdown of what you missed in each area, that way you can get a feel for what you need to work on. If you focus on those areas, you should be just fine!

Good luck! :chicken:

Thank you :) That's really helpful. Which school do you go to? Actually I'm also from GA.

Thank you :) That's really helpful. Which school do you go to? Actually I'm also from GA.

I sent you a PM!

Hello :) I took the TEAS V in February and I basically studied when commas are necessary and when semicolons are necessary. Also when and how to place quotation marks. On my test, I got a lot of questions asking me to choose the grammatically correct sentence. I also had a question where it gave me 4-5 sentences and told me to put them in order (basically in order for it to make sense and be clear). I also got comma and semicolon sentences and if they were placed correctly or not. I also got subject verb agreements. Also, I had to choose the correct spelling of a word. There was a question on what the meaning of a word was based on the sentence. Basically the English section in the ATI manual tells you exactly what to study for. If you need more help watch videos on the topics mentioned in the manual and practice them online...there are bunch of comma, semicolon, sentence structure etc...type of quizzes online that you can find. For example, this one website Quiz on Subject-Verb Agreement

Good Luck! Kick some butt! You got this :up: