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TEAs and getting into nursing school


I am in the process of applying to nursing school at PHSC. I just took the TEAs exam today, I passed with Proficient, but obviously need to do better. I plan on taking the exam again in 1 month, as it will be right around the cut off date of the admission dead line. Are there any tips or words of encouragement anyone can provide? I studied for about a month and a half and did not do well as I thought I should do. I am normally a horrible test taker, so I am not sure if that played into my poor grade. Any information helps! Thank you! :)

I just passed as well, with the lowest score of 81% in the reading section. I used the ATI study manual as well as a couple other nursing entrance exam books from the library. Also, KhanAcademy and YouTube have been great in helping me with the science section. You will do great next time, don't stress!:yes:

Thank you so much! I started to used Khan Academy but just the day before the test :/ but i found a lot of great information! I also used Youtube yesterday to look over some Math. I sure hope so! I appreciate it! :)


If you haven't seen this thread yet, I highly recommend it. It has helped a lot of us to better prepare for the exam:


After taking the exam myself, I can say that rainbowvahmet's post is very accurate. Which section(s) did you score the worst on?



I responded to another post with my strategy on exam preparation... here is the link:


This approach worked well for me but everyone is different. If you passed with Proficient already, but refocus on your weak areas then I would bet that you will score much better the second time around. Just critically review all of those questions that you didn't understand (but might have guessed correctly) or missed! Also, be sure to look at your official ATI report. It has a "Topics To Review" section! Use it!

Good luck!




Thank you for that! I will definitely use it! Math was my hardest subject and apparently science wasn't too hot as well. I usually pride myself on doing well in science, but it proved me otherwise. My strongest seemed to be Reading and English which I do not care for either, go figure. I have started to take the "topics to review" and re-learn what I missed and to try and understand it better. Thank you so much for the advice and positive outlook! :)


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