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Hola! I am taking my TEAS exam on June 24th , 2015. I am extremely nervous about it, i have been studying for 2 months now, I purchased the TEAS study guide.. I just need tips on how to get better grades other than studying of course. . I would love to hear words of encouragement. Thanks .. this test is worrying me too much, especially because English is not my first language and that worries me even more

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Hello, there. We have moved your thread to the TEAS Exam Help forum where it is more likely to amass replies. We wish you the best of luck on your upcoming test!


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Breath. I always go into a test confident. Any time you don't know an answer you can always just tell yourself that it's probably one of those un-scored questions and doesn't matter. Some people think I am flippant about test taking, but the confidence and brushing off ones I guessed on lets me focus on the next question, and not worry about a tricky one 5 questions back. And for confidence, I knew that I could just take the test again if I failed. True it is expensive, but the idea was to NOT think of it as a be all, end all. Plus, at the end they give you a summary of things you need to work on.

As for doing well... The work book is probably your best bet. If you have already been studying for 2 months I would say it is time to narrow your scope down. If you got math down, skip it for a day or so. If you take a practice test categorize the ones you got wrong and see where you need to work and focus in.

As with all major exams, do not study the day before the exam, seriously. Just don't do it.

Look over some test taking tips, like narrowing it down from 4 to 2 choices, noting that if 2 answers are very similar one of them is probably the right one, that kind of stuff.

English may be my first language but I am awful at grammar and spelling, so I feel you pain. I have no tips for how to do better on that section besides the book you already have.

Good luck!