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And what did you think? I took it last week and feel like I was prepared for the Math and Reading portions by using the study guide but I really struggled with the Science portion. For me it was a... Read More

  1. by   tikyut
    I would love to get a copy too. If possible please email it to me at tikyut2001@gmail.com Thanks in advance!
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  2. by   baara
    Hi you guys
  3. by   JBISHUN21
    Took it yest.
  4. by   baara
    I took my teas v test a few months ago. I kinda got it low @ a 71%. I was really bumbed . This time around I bought the Teas v test study guide and checked some books out from the nearest library to study. I was also planning on buying the the teas v pratice test a and b. Which are $37 for each. Is this a bad idea? I also found some great websites www.testpreppratice.net and www.testprepreview.com. I try to focus study during this summer and will finally take my exam in september. Wish me luck!!!! woowow
  5. by   I <3 OR, RN
    Good Luck! Let us know how it goes!
  6. by   gurjit123
    Buy the practice exam they are well worth the money. I didn't buy them and it put me a year book to get into nursing school. I have to score a high 80 to even be considered in the programs I applied to and I eventually got a 80ish score after buying them. THey do help a lot.
  7. by   wgc2345678
    I recently read a post of yours that gave advice in regards to the TEAS. I took the TEAS today, and I thanked God that I found your posting. For some strange reason I decided to look over all of the things that you suggested, and ALL of them were on my version of the TEAS. Thank you for your wise suggestions. I know you probably posted it a while ago, but I wanted to thank you! I cannot pm.
  8. by   mayyan
    Hi guys!

    I took my TEAS today and I didn't get the score I wanted.
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  9. by   traumaRUs
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    Also, by posting your email on AN, you are making yourself vulnerable to spam emails, viruses, etc., as well as hackers. This is not a good practice.

    Just a friendly warning from the Admin Team.
  10. by   lorrainewhetham
    Just finished the Teas V...scored an 88. Yes, the study guide is helpful - also review your chemistry, anat, physi, micro knowledge...I haven't taken algebra since 1990 and had a little trouble trying to learn it all over again...also forgot I was on a timer and did the algebra questions very slowly, time ran out before I had a chance to answer the last 10 questions...so...be conscious of your time.

    Just for fun I had previously taken version IV and it was much easier - scored a 98...completely different exams so definitely take some time to study for Teas V.

    My printout showed the national average as being 64% so I would imagine anything over 80 would be considered a "good" score.

    Best luck!
  11. by   Mindylane
    I took the TEAS last month, and did ok. I got between 80 and 98% in all sections, except math, because I ran out of time. This surprisingly seems to not be a problem for anyone else, haha. I was stuck on one question and all of a sudden a box popped up saying that I'd run out of time for this particular section, and missed out on two whole pages (12 questions!!!) on the math section. This brought my percentage down for that section to 58%. I think I had a 92% (first English section), 80% (science), 58% (math), and 98% (second English section). My overall was 78% (which is terrible for me) and 87th percentile. I am definitely going to retake it as soon as possible, but I didn't find it difficult. It was all pretty general stuff and you shouldn't have a problem if you've done well in college-level classes.
  12. by   faraway123
    I took the Teas on December 1st. I did not score well. The science score brought my overall score down. I looked through this forum, and saw a lot of advices. I will try those and try much harder with preparing for my text exam date, February 2.
  13. by   aldu
    I took it today for the first time. I got a 84.7. The science section is tricky!