The TEAS Science Section Is a Joke

  1. Dear Fellow Pre-Nursing Students,

    Just a note of encouragement. I did not study for the TEAS science, as the school I'm planning on attending said that I could use some of the mandatory science at their institution as "refresher courses", therefore if I did not pass that section I could still get in (and my curriculum plan wouldn't even change).

    So I sat down and took that TEAS. I had only studied the math (just for a week, and I'm no math genius folks, far from it!). When the science section came up I was stunned at the difficulty/complexity of the questions. I literally guessed at nearly all the answers, yet ended up with a 65% in that section. Another woman who had just tested with me had the same experience, and told me she'd nearly started crying while taking the science section, and had also guessed at the answers. She also passed (low 60's).

    I think that the questions are weighted so that there's not just one right answer for each. I think there's one correct answer, a runner up, and possibly even a .25pt possibility in each question. That's the only explanation for my score. What a scam!!!!

    My advice is to not worry too much about the TEAS. The questions on the exam are easier than the ones in the ati study booklet, with the exception of the science section, which is a joke. I would study the math, and briefly study language usage and reading.

    Now if you're trying to get into a really competitive school you might need to focus a bit more to bump up your total score (mine was just over 75%). But overall, the test is nowhere near as hard as you would expect.
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  3. by   Professor Higgins
    I took mine a few days ago, and i agree completely. The first sections math and reading were a breeze. i was so confident. Then by the very first question on the science portion i knew it was intense! It seems there's no easy way to study for the science portion. The bank of questions they have spans all of science and seems much more broad and random than the other sections. The practice tests were much more difficult than the actual test. They probably do this to hype up the process and make more money on test preparation materials.

    Yes, I too thought many times while taking it that multiple answers could be reasoned. Some were rather ambiguous and many questions seemed to contain simple strategies for swaying the reader astray with subtleties or word choices which changed the answer completely. I suppose this is a good way to test for attention to details, though.
  4. by   NurseGirl525
    I thought the science was hard. It was my worst area. I scored a 78 which is good enough to get in but saying it's breeze, def. not. I thought the math was pretty easy and the english and reading weren't too bad but I messed up on semi colons. I just never know when to use those darn things. I was hoping to score over 80 but I am satisfied with my 78.
  5. by   blackroses
    I can honestly say that that's some bad advice for most students. The nursing programs in this area accept a minimum overall score of 74-75%, and most students don't get in with a score below 86%. So unless you happen to be very lucky and are planning on attending a school that doesn't require a particularly high TEAS score or doesn't weight the score heavily, why would you risk under-preparing? Call me crazy but I'd rather study and over-prepare than go in and bomb the test.
  6. by   simonedbv
    As I said in the post, if you know your school has a higher requirement, you will need to study more. But if you know you will be admitted with a lower score (less competitive schools and/or ADN programs), don't stress too much about the science, because something funny is going on with the scoring. After literally guessing on almost all the questions and scoring a 65% in that section of the test, I felt it warranted a mention. Another tester in my session had the exact same experience.
  7. by   simonedbv
    Thanks for your reply. How did you do overall in the Science? It sounds like you studied beforehand, is that the case?
  8. by   Mini-Wheats202
    "That's the only explanation for my score. What a scam!!!!"

    Have you considered the possibility that maybe you just got lucky? With countless students taking the TEAS every year, I'm sure at least a few do well due to pure chance.
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