Teas V: Reading Comprehension???

  1. Hi..To all who took the Teas, Can you please tell me how was the reading passages. Does it relate to medical scenerios, about some ancient stories, about kings and queens of whatever centuries.
    How many passages, questions per passages, and how long is per passages (in terms of minutes when reading it)?

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  3. by   I♥Scrubs
    This is a tough one to answer since there are so many different TEAS tests out there. For example the one I took was not the same one the other girl in the room across from me was taking (so they can prevent cheating). For mine however, there were a bunch of different topics. I had a passage about Siberia and the prisons there, I had a passage about why animals hibernate and how it benefits them, I also had a article about businessmen and how their work jargon is becoming outdated and how it is not benefiting anyone and will soon become outdated. So as you can see the topics on the reading section can really be on anything. I don't remember the number of passages that were on my test and again the number of questions really depends. Some of the topics only had one or two questions while others had four or five. In terms of reading in minutes it depends on the reader and how fast they read and if they comprehend it well or if they have to re-read it. It also depends on the particular passage because some are longer than others. Some are only one or two paragraphs while others were six or seven so I can't give a definite answer. Me personally, I love to read so I had about 20 minutes left once I was finished and got a 92% on the reading. Good luck and I hope I helped!