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Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone can please tell me how much chemistry is on the TEAS? I have the ATI study guide but am curious to know if the information they provide in the book is enough... Read More

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    Thank you very much! I take the exam on Feb. 29th and because of a fulltime job and taking care of my children after work takes a toll on my study time. Therefore, I need all the study guidance as much as possible! Thank you again!
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    Can anyone report more on how well the McGraw Hill study guide helps for the TEAS V? I have been studying it for a month now. I have been doing pretty good on the tests. Can anyone clarify if this study guide is an accurate help?
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    Just noticed you offered the PDF to someone.
    Would it be possible for you to email it to me as well?

    I would really appreciate it.

    Thank You.
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    I took the TEAS 5 last weekend and I scored in the 99th percentile. I studied the ATI study book and took all of the McGraw-Hill Study Guide practice tests. I find that taking the practice tests are a really good way to zone in on your weaknesses.

    The ATI book does a good job giving you the bare bones of what you need to know for each topic, but there were definitely a few science questions that are just not covered in the ATI study guide. But that is also something you'll see in the practice tests. I would bet that people tend to score about the same on the real test as they do on those practice tests. There is definitely value in getting familiar with the format of the questions and how long it takes you to finish each section.
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    Hi guys!

    For those that have taken the TEAS already (and used both ATI and McGraw Hill pdf to study), do you think the practice exams from both books were similar in difficulty to the real exam?

  6. by   pradagirl
    Hello everyone, I just took my TEAS V test today and missed the required score by 5 points (55), the test is very challenging and tricky. Bought the online practice test (total waste of money), it only helped me to know how hard the test will be. The questions on the back of the book are 5 times easier than the test itself. Not to scare anyone, calculators are not allowed and the science was more on Chemistry (calculation), water and temperature, cells, Nucleic Acids and scientific reasoning. I found the link below late last night, this helped a little. A lot of word problems in Math.
    Teas v flashcard sets and study tools | Quizlet. Hopefully it will help you guys. Please let me know if you have any question, we have to assist one another in succeeding.
  7. by   twocrazycupcakes
    Hi everyone!

    I took the TEAS V yesterday. I only studied the ATI book for two days and it had all information for Math, Reading and English sections. There were numerous questions on my exam from the Science portion that were NOT in the ATI book at all. I was pretty ticked off at that. I used common sense and guessed on the ones I was not 100% sure of. Most of the questions that were not in the book were from earth science, human body, and DNA replication areas.

    This was my first attempt with two days of studying which I would not recommend. Plan ahead!! I scored 90% adjusted individual score and 99% percentile national rank.
    Individual Section scores were: Reading 93% Math 94% Science: 92% English: 77%

    I have taken all required courses for the Nursing Program. I did not take the online practice exams due to a time factor. I wish I would have taken them because they are closer to the actual exam and format of the exam on the computer.

    If I could do it over again, I would do this:
    1) Study the ATI book cover to cover at least a month in advance.
    2) Take the practice tests in the book and one of the tests on the ATI website.
    3) Focus on my weak areas that the online test will provide a list of.
    4) Take the final test on the ATI website to see if I still have any weak areas before the actual exam.
    5) Refresh some highlighted points in your book and/or notes the day before the actual exam.
    6) Eat some protein before the test. It is long. Take some deep breaths if you feel yourself getting anxious during the actual test. Re-focus and continue.
    7) I brought earplugs with me to the testing center so I could concentrate better.

    These are the areas of focus from SCIENCE that were not in the ATI book:
    1) Know organs with exocrine and endocrine functions.
    2) Know how the earth and moon relate to each other with regards to meteors and craters and the earth's atmosphere.
    3) More specific information on the DNA replication process. It is very general in the ATI book.
    4) Know about natural selection and the steps of adaptation process of organisms.
    5) Know about why we take vitamins and what functions they have in the body.
    6) Know about electrolyte balance in the body.
    7) Know charateristics of plasma membrane.
    8) Know how to match codons with correct amino acids using the codon chart.
    9) Know about photosynthesis and why/how it is an oxidative/reductive reaction.
    10) Know phases of state changes: Sublimination, Evaporation, Condensation, Vaporization

    Some helpful tips:

    1) Memorize Life Science: Domain-Species
    Did King Phillip Cry Out For More Soup?

    2) Memorize the Roman Numerals. Easy points!

    3)The ENGLISH section has some tricky stuff in it. I did not study that section and I wish I would have spent a little more time on it.
    --The subject-verb agreement is all over the test.
    --Coordinating Conjunctions: What they are and how to spot them: FANBOYS
    --Subordinating Conjuctions: What they are and how to spot them: Because, Although, As, As if, When, while
    --Know how to spot synonyms and antonyms.
    --Sentence Structure was tricky too. Read page 192 in ATI book and know it GOOD!!!
    --Know capitalization chart. They put tricky ones on there.
    --Know how to place quotation marks and also when you have a quote within a quote.

    4) The READING section is straight from the ATI book.
    --Just practice choosing main idea, themes, and topics.
    --Know how to spot stereotypse vs. biases.
    --Know difference between Persuasive, Informative, Expressive, etc... They trick you up sometimes.
    --Know how to follow "Set of Directions" on Page 24. The several examples in the book and on the book practice tests are WAY easier than the actual questions on the real exam. You may want to practice this elsewhere not sure if there are any tools online. Example similar to the book (NOT FROM ACTUAL EXAM): You have a list of letters. Cross out the 2nd vowel, add a certain letter in a certain spot, move this letter to another position, what word do you have now, etc....
    --The READING section is not hard but it is the TIME that gets you anxious. The best advice is to PRACTICE with a timer on this section. And do the ONLINE exams. It is worth the money. I wish I would have done them.

    5) The MATH section is also right out of the both.
    --The problems on the actual exam and exactly like the same type of problems on the practice exams.
    --For sure, memorize the Roman numerals in the book on page 85. Very easy points to get on the exam!!!!!
    --Get comfortable with fractions.
    --Many calculations of buying things, pay checks, READ carefully....all very similar to the ATI book problems.
    --Word problems with ratios seem to trip people up alot...like the book problems with the minutes on page 83. Be comfortable with those type of calculations.
    --Know how to do metric conversions. An easier way is to move the decimal. Memorize KHD(U)DCM with U=units like meter, gram, liter and the letters are the prefixes like Kilo, Hecto, Deka, etc... Learn how to do conversions by just moving the decimal. Use the book problems similar to: Convert 5 km to cm.
    --FOR SURE...know about charts and graphs...when and why you would use each one. Pages 94-99.
    --Memorize Order of Operation PEMDAS and FOIL. Know that order goes from Left to Right.

    Hopefully, these topics will help you prepare for your exam. I would HIGHLY recommend getting the ATI book and doing ALL the practice tests that ATI offers because you will see the same style questions on the REAL exam. Get comfortable with the types of problems and how to answer them.
  8. by   nursetobejenny1981
    I also took my TEAS on 4/14 and I would have to agree with basically everything that twocrazycupcakes said in reference to studying. I made an 85.3% with a score in the 95th percentile. I will caution you to double-check your answers if you have time. By the time I got to the English section, I was DONE and didn't check my answers and that section had a lower score than I probably would have. I found that the science portion of the MacGraw book only prepped me a little. There were a lot of questions on cell parts and how they work, which was just touched on lightly by the prep book. I would have done some more serious studying on that if I had realized. The math was easy, just follow the book and I found that some of the Reading/English questions were a little subjective. You have to learn to answer how they want you to vs. how you want to, which I had some issues with. Overall, I wish I had stressed a little less too. I think I brought some overthinking on myself by not just trusting my knowledge. OH and I figured this test would be all locked down (kinda like the SAT's were). Well, we had ppl eating bananas during the test, guzzling water, using their phones as timers, etc. There were a lot of distractions... (not to mention the girl whose phone started ringing in the middle of the science section). I seconded her idea of getting ear plugs. It would have been a huge help.
  9. by   amanda.adkins51
    Tammy_Zeidan09, I have to take the TEAS test coming up pretty soon. I've gone through the ATI book, but I had no idea there was a McGraw Hill study guide! And after reading what you said about the ATI book sometimes not covering material in enough detail, I'm starting to get really nervous!! Is there any way you could possibly send me the PDF as well if you have it? I checked with my schools library and they do not have a copy, and the Barnes and Noble in my town has none in stock. I would greatly, GREATLY appreciate it!
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    hey tammy_zeidan09 could you send me a copy too please or anyone that has one available i would apreciate it soo much
    thanks :d
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    I am taking the teas on May 19th. Can someone please send me the ati studyguide pdf?
    Thank you and good luck to all!
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    Can you please email me the PFD
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    Can i have a copy please???? i take my test in 2 days and can really use it