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  1. Hi everyone, I have read through some forums and need to ask ... if I have never taken A&P classes is it worth trying to get a 66% or better on the TEAS? I'm taking it in mess than 2 weeks and and am struggling very badly with the practice questions in the ATI study guide for the science portion.
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    I would honestly advise that you wait to take it if you have not taken A&P. I know of two people who have taken it and done well, but not in less than two weeks. I would highly recommend checking out Blossom with Jessica on YouTube. She breaks down how she went about studying for the VI by each section.

    Khan Academy, Dr. (Could be Professor) Fink, Crash Course, and Armando Hasudungan are all channels I have been directed to when I took A&P. I did not have to use any of them, but if you're serious about self-teaching (and giving yourself at least a couple of months to study) then use them. If you are able to, purchase both practice exams from ATI as they will have questions similar to the kind you may see.

    Best wishes!
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    Thank you. I watched blossom with jessica and crash course as much as I could but ran out of time. I am attempting the TEAS tomorrow for the first time. I dont expect to pass considering Ive never taken A&P but hopefully it will give me a good idea on what to expect for the second time. I start and online A&P 1 course next week so hopefully that will help too. I feel generally okay with all the subjects other than science. Most of those answers will probably be guesses. There is so much information to try and gather in those videos in a matter of a few weeks.
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    please let me know how it went !! I will be taking the teas for the first time on June 12th !