TEAS prep which ATI package? Smart prep?

  1. I am taking the TEAS at the end of September for the first time, im very nervous lol Ive been a medical assistant for 2 years and it's been 4 years since i was in high school. Im conflicted in what I should buy to study with. It seems everyone loves what comes directly from ATI and teas secrets by mometrix. However, I hate to pay for them both. I am willing to pay for the $200 version from ati if it is worth it. Does anyone have any reviews? If I purchase the more basic version should i also get the mometrix, or would the smart prep version be enough?
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  3. by   paisling
    Check your local library. Mine had TEAS Secrets so I was able to study using a borrowed copy.
  4. by   hookera18
    I just took my test last Thursday and scored a 90%.
    All I used was the ATI test prep book VI edition and I bought the two practice test A and B on the website. Also there is a free app on the playstore for ATI Exam Prep VI, it really helped a lot when it came down to harder questions that the science portion may ask because the book doesn't go into as much depth.

    I read through the book, went through the app, and took the apps practice tests and then did the practice tests on the website. I studied in a 3-4 week time frame.
    You can probably get the book at a library or from someone who has already taken the test (like me), maybe even look on Amazon for used versions. But the two tests on the site cost I think 80-$100.
    Anway, goodluck!