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  1. Hi everyone,
    Just wondering if the TEAs 6 is as hard as everybody is saying? I've been studying the practice books and taking test on quizlet. Is that enough????
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  3. by   BreeFutureBSNRN
    ...in all honestly, it depends on how you study. I didn't study like I should have which reflected in my score. so I am retaking it in January. The math is "easier" than I expected it to be(I scored higher than either of the practice exams I took) but if you've been studying I don't think its "harder" but if you didn't study like you should have, like me, then it can seem harder...I hope that make sense! lol. Hopefully this second time around I do much better!
  4. by   idkmybffjill
    The difficulty is going to depend on your current skill set. Personally, I think as long as you have a good foundation for the math (fractions, word problems), review some grammar, and have a good knowledge of overall A&P, then it's not impossibly difficult. I do recommend you do review some less commonly known grammar because the test does include subject-verb agreement for some tricky cases, and there's not enough English questions to miss a lot of them.
  5. by   NurseJus36
    Thank you for the input!!! Good luck too you also
  6. by   NurseJus36
    Thank you for the input !!!
  7. by   FutRNJ
    For me the exam wasn't bad at all, I maybe studied 1 week at most collectively. When I did study I used the ATI TEAS practice book and Khan Academy. My overall score was 86.7% I scored in the 96 percentile based on nationwide testing. I have a bachelors degree already in Biology, so I believe my previous education aided in my success on the exam. I would say find what's your weakest subject and enhance on it.
  8. by   trouss
    I personally bought the ATI TEAS study package and the mometrix study guide. I scored an 84.7 which wasn't what I was hoping for, but I do believe that the test prep really helped improve my score. The practice exams from the study package are very similar to the actual TEAS, but the TEAS math and science portion are a little bit easier than the practice exams. Make sure you know Anatomy and Physiology, basic math like PEMDAS, and subject-verb agreement. I would also brush up on the reading comprehension portion. Surprisingly for me, that was the section in which I scored lowest in. Best of luck!!