1. I am scheduled to take my TEAS test on the 30th of this month. I was not able to study to much before now due to all my time being used for the A&PII class. I did purchase the AIT TEAS study manual version 5.... I just took my practice test and I do have to say I did poorly on it. So I am freaking out right now. I have heard that the TEAS test is from the study manual--- is this correct? Does anyone have any other suggestions on what would work better or if I need to do something else? Do you think I should just focus on learning the material in the book or adventure out to you tube and so forth?

    Thank you all for any suggestions you may have. I am just freaking out because I know if I fail this-- it will put me back another 6 months to get into the nursing program
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  3. by   tanna898
    Focus on what you did the worst on in the pre-test. Set up a study schedule working at least 2 hours every day. You still have time to study so don't freak out. From my past experience with the teas the pre test was much harder than the actual test however my school didn't require the science section. There is a sticky on the teas that has a wealth of info I would post it but I'm on my phone. Good luck.
  4. by   tanna898
    Study from the book. Many students swear this is the best approach. I purchased cliff notes on basic math and grammar in addition to the study guide and did well.
  5. by   lafemme1046
    Hi, I took it the first time w/o studying and still made a decent grade 89. I bought the TEAS V study book and that is really helping a lot. If you already took AP I & II then you should be fine, b/c most of the stuff I learned taking that class. I really did not do well on the math portion of the test, b/c it's been awhile since I took algebra. Just believe in yourself that you can do it.
  6. by   redloudy
    Make sure you use all the time allowed! I panicked when I took the test and did not use all my time. I am retesting on the 31st. Do what was said above, study at least 2 hours a day. I also purchased the McGraws Hills. I feel that goes more in detail on the Science and explains math a lot easier than the TEAS manual does.
  7. by   baarostegui214
    I can't really help. But I just ordered the AIT Teas book and I've heard its very helpful. Good luck!
  8. by   grneyes908
    Thanks everyone-- I heard that the Test was from the study manual. I am am now reading the manual from cover to cover and then I will retest on the practice. I figure after I am done there then I will go online.
  9. by   grneyes908
    Well due to Hurricane Isaac, my test got pushed back and its tomorrow.... I am sooooo nervous and scared. I have been studying everyday -- all day long and on the practice test ( 2 from the ATI study guide book and the TEAS secrets) I am satisfactory.The test from the study manual--- I average about 72-74 and on the TEAS secret-- I average 66.5-68.5........ I found out we have to have a composite score of 67 to be admitted into the program.

    I am in the ball park but not good as I would like. Its just to close for comfort for me as I know the test can go either way-- if its harder than the practice test , then I know I will bomb it-- but if the practice test are harder then I have a fighting chance. I keep telling myself that GOD has put me back into the nursing field and has helped me along the way with the financial part-- the dates and times have gotten changed twice, when I knew I was not ready- so I believe he wont let me fail....... but it still worries me.

    So please say a little prayer for me tonight that all goes well and I can report back to here tomorrow ( if I get my test results -- its on the computer) that I passed.

    You all have been so helpful here with all the information I have read!!!!
  10. by   Candi7882
    Wishing you all the luck and many prayers to you!!!! Im taking mine on the 22 and Im nervous also!! But have faith and let us know how it went!!! Good luck!!!
  11. by   grneyes908
    Well no news yet but I am sure I didnt pass. Science part was hard and I don't recall some of the questions being in the study book. I do believe I killed the Math section tho..... Still kinda disappointed with all that has come out at my school on the program. Found out that they only have 30 spots open ( and this is like this every testing) and over 200 people applying for a position. I have no idea when test results are going to be posted as the school has the results blocked.

    Get this ( and this is why I am upset). I have been at this school for almost a year and we are on a 10 week term. I have to meet with my adviser in order to register for classes( 6 times now). She checks my transcripts and registers me for the class I need for the nursing program. NOW after I find out only 30 seats are available ( and they only start the program 2 times a year) the director actually sits down and goes through the transcripts to see if people are eligible to be in the program. My thinking is..... should this have not been done in the beginning, before I have taken these classes, before I paid $50.00 to take the TEAS? So with that being said , even if I pass I may not get into the program. Not sure if this is at all schools or only certain ones...... Plus on top of that they are holding test scores.... FRUSTRATING I TELL YOU !!!!!!
  12. by   grneyes908
    65.3% on my teas and my school requires 67.0
  13. by   kabooski
    darn, sorry to hear that. I take mine this coming Monday, I'm concerned about the science and getting odd-ball questions on psychics and quantum mechanics. Did you have any: "work, energy, force, acceleration, momentum, speed, gravity, Ohms, voltage, circuits, charge, current, resistance, conduction, capacitance, waves, amplitude" questions ??????

    also: any

    Astronomy ? planets, electromagnetism, atmosphere etc
    Geology ? soil, rocks, plates, etc
    plants/flowers? ie anther, stamen, style, pistil

  14. by   proudtobehismommy
    Man, you were so close!! Sorry to hear about your school. It seems the whole process is frustrating. ;( I take my test next Thursday and I am freaking out. Do you remember what kind of things were on the test in regards to each specific section?