TEAS 6 study products

  1. I'll be taking the teas 6 in November and I'd love to hear advice on what product I should get to study/ what score you received from the product. I've looked on ATI as they sell many products for teas prep but they are all pretty expensive. Especially since you have to already pay for the test/transcripts(applying to around 5 schools). Don't get me wrong I'm willing to pay what it takes just wondering if anyones had a good experience with something other than the ATI study material.
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  3. by   paisling
    I liked the ATI TEAS Secrets book. Be sure to read the other threads on this forum as your question has been asked many times.
  4. by   Johnonymous
    I used the often-recommended Mometrix's ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide. I also used a lesser-known book from Accepted, Inc called the "ATI TEAS Study Guide Version 6." Not quite as good as the Mometrix book, in my opinion, but the practice exams were nonetheless helpful. In addition, I used the on-line practice exams at tests.com (Tests.com Practice Tests hundreds of questions for $19.95. I scored 91.3%.
  5. by   belle929
    I got the bundle only because my choice university only allows 3 attempts and I was on my third attempt. It came with the smartprep modules, the study manual, and the two practice assessments. It was very pricy, but it did give me a good feel of what to expect on the exam. The smartprep had surface layer information but it came with a pretest for each section, quizzes and posttests. So while I did use this as a guide, I relied heavily on my old A&P book and came back to this to practice.

    I scored a 92.7.