TEAS 6 Online Study Exam

  1. I've been studying for the TEAS 6 exam, and I've come across this website that seems promising to guide me to a high exam score.
    Has anybody used the "prenursing smarter" online course by a founder named Kate (no last name)?
    Prenursing Smarter | Study Online for the ATI TEAS 6
    I've completed some of the free material on the website and using this website's program ($79/month) seems to be a legit study resource to pass the TEAS 6.
    However, I cannot find any information about the website or the program.

    I'm thinking about making the payment but I'm not sure if it's a fraudulent website.
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  3. by   highervibrations
    I just took the TEAS last week. Honestly, you are set with the manual and the practice test. If you are looking to spend some money, i 100% suggest spending it on that. I also recommend the mometrix book.
    One of my former classmates just finished up a $500 prep course and still feels unprepared.
  4. by   RowzyO
    I agree with the poster above. I took the teas 6 in May and used the ATI and Mometrix study manuals. You can buy them used but in good condition for cheap. I would suggest buying the ATI online practice tests. You can take each of them twice and it gives you a baseline as to what you need to study more in depth on. There are also free teas study apps for your phone. Although the question format might be a bit different than the teas exam it's a good way to expose yourself to differently worded questions because if you understand the concept then the wording doesn't matter as much. Only you know what study methods work best for you, create your own study plan and you should do fine.
  5. by   Destined4Nursing 2019
    I just enrolled in the Prenursing Smarter course. It seems very helpful but I am so using the ATI manual as an outlined. I think this course helps you understand the ticky old Teas. I'm going to be studing for a few months so we will see<3