Taking Too Long To Study

  1. Hello,

    I am not sure if it is just because I am a slow learner, but it is taking forever for me to read through the ATI Manual (grey cover). I am in the science section and since it is so much information I am trying to comprehend, it takes me MULTIPLE days to go through one page. It is very disheartening. The test is coming up soon and I am so slow. When the science portion, for example, recommends learning the structure of an organ or a process, I have to Google that information on my own which takes time.

    Does anyone have any tips? Words of encouragement? Virtual hugs?

    Note, here is my study plan:
    1. Read Manual
    2. Take Tests on Manual & review answers
    4. Take online practice tests (ATI Website) & review answers
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  3. by   idkmybffjill
    You can do this, I promise. The science portion is a lot, I know, just because it's such a wide range of subjects that can be tested on, but it's not impossible. Going through the information slowly isn't bad, especially if you have fully learned the systems once you are done.

    I'd say take advantage of the many, many amazing science videos out there. For me, videos help me conceptualize the information, and it certainly helps to be able to see visuals on how things work (as much as possible for each person). Khan Academy has a lot of good videos on the details of the systems. (They also have math and English videos if you need to review anything on those.) Crash Course on Youtube gives a good overview of anatomy and physiology. I also really like Armando Hasudungan's Youtube videos, as he draws out a visual concept map as he explains the info. I used his hormone video to review the subject since I know that's a major area. Though note that his videos aren't grouped or organized together by subject, so it's not as easy to just go down the line of videos. Beyond them, you can practically find a video on anything you need to review.
  4. by   hello77kitty
    Yeah I am having the same problem. My test is in 6 days and I am only on the respiratory portion of the book. I still have a lot of science and English to review, and I really suck at math. I don't think I'll have time to review every organ system in depth, so I think I am just going to skim my physio notes, note important things and watch a video on the subject.
    I am also going to try to answer all the questions in the study guide.
    I need at 62% overall so I'm hoping that I've studied enough. I took the practice form A and got 78%(weakest area being 62% in math) but another student told me that the actual test was harder

    *sigh* this is so stressful.