Taking the test tomorrow! Help!

  1. Hey guys! I take the TEAS V tomorrow. Any last minute tips? I am hoping to score in the 90's but I don't know if that will happen. I've studied from the manual and made flash cards from it and took both of the practice tests in it. I made some flash cards that I expanded on some other topics as well. Where should I focus my attention for the science section? Any advice would be appreciated. Prayer is welcome as well!
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  3. by   haiimdenise
    Now all you have to do is relax and get a good nights sleep! The science portion was quite broad and I did the worst in that section. I ended up with a 88.9% on my TEAS ( Ahh so close to 90! )
  4. by   hgt219
    Hello! I took it on Wednesday and got an 86! It seemed really easy to me. Like you said I did the worst on science but it really wasn't all that bad.