Study for TEAS or something else during summer off?

  1. So I have the summer off, I just registered to take Microbiology and Physiology in the Fall Semester, which will be my final two prerequisite courses. I had to take a year off school due to some life events that arose. Thus, I'm excited to start studying again. I already have a Bachelors Degree in Business Management/Accounting. I already took Gen/O-Chem/Biochem and Anatomy.

    What do you think would be the most beneficial use of my time this summer? Initially I read some posts on here that said it's okay to take the TEAS before finishing prerequisite courses as long as you study the TEAS study guide and material as it contains everything I'd need to know. Then I read posts that said don't do it until after you're done with all your courses.

    My initial plan was study that manual and the TEAS study material over next two months so I know it REALLY well, take the TEAS end of August right before the fall semester starts, then focus on Physio and Micro for the fall, that way I can apply to some programs with deadlines between November-January. If I wait until after fall semester when the courses are done, I will miss some of those deadlines. Or instead of studying for the TEAS this summer, I can review anatomy and chem notes, or I can start studying early for micro and physio by purchasing the books.

    Any recommendations? Thanks!
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