She blinded me with science! Practice vs. computer vs. paper/pencil

  1. So after taking practice forms A and B, I'm starting to freak out a little. I've seen a ton of threads where people say they got a better score on the actual exam than they did on the practice, which both seemed to me like they had the most off-the-wall questions on the Science section that weren't covered in any of the study materials I've been using (ATI, McGraw-Hill, Kaplan, even a PCAT guide for good measure). The problem is, I've also seen quite a few saying that the computer version of the test is a good bit harder than the paper/pencil one. Of course, the program I'm applying to administers the computer version, and the average score for the people who even manage to get interviews is around 80. My questions to the people who have taken both the practice tests and the actual TEAS are: A) How much better out worse did you do on the real TEAS science section?B) Did you take the online or the paper/pencil C) Were the questions anywhere near as in-depth (compared to the study guide) as they were on the practice forms?I've also gone through the entire sticky thread to see what other people have posted about their study methods.Thanks in advance-I know some of these questions are covered elsewhere, but the possible discrepancy between test versions has me seriously worried.
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  3. by   stuntlife619
    In the exact same boat as you. I take my test this Saturday and it has me trippin on the science part. They throw stuff that's not even in the book! -_- anyone know if that's on the actual test or maybe just making it harder so when we actually take the real thing...
  4. by   cappuccinespresso
    Hi! I just took the TEAS today, so the memory of it is still fresh in my mind. I took the online practice test (A) and my version of the protored TEAS was done online. I found that the real test had somewhat similar questions as the online practice test had. I did notice, however, that while the practice test question topics were all covered in the ATI study guide, some of the questions I got from the proctored exam was a bit more thorough and covered more specific topics compared to the practice test as well as the study guide. So the one thing I can advise (which isn't much, to be honest) is to really study the science part, especially if it's been a while since you've taken your science courses. While it's not exactly impossible to ace, some questions are just plain tricky

    And like what some of the people on allnurses have said, I also got a higher score in the proctored TEAS than what I got from the practice test--but I think that's only because when I took the practice test, I still hadn't reviewed a single thing (and I took my prerequisites eons ago), so it was basically just me and whatever stock knowledge I had left about the sciences. I did notice that if I averaged the two results I got from the same practice test (since you can take the practice test twice), the average scores I got for each part were mostly very near what my real scores were in the proctored TEAS.

    Hope I helped, and good luck! As they say, the anticipation is the hardest part. Once you're there, you find it's not as bad as you expected it to be.
  5. by   honeybadgerdontcare
    I just got back from taking the test, and it really wasn't all that bad (although I did poop out a bit towards the end, the English section of all things, just from the sheer length). With the online version of the test, I improved 8-9% overall from the AIS of both practice forms, and scored 20% higher on the Science section than I did on either practice test form A or B. I would say that Science wasn't quite as bad as the online practice tests, more on par with the practice tests in the ATI book. All of the other sections seemed like they were worded so as to be a little bit trickier, but as long as you read carefully you should be fine. cappuccinespresso's post eased my mind a little bit before going in.

    Good luck on yours tomorrow
  6. by   stuntlife619
    Thank you so much guys!!! it's tomorrow now I can breathe a little bit better hearing it from you guys. Yea I'm a little worried my brain is gonna fart at the end bc of the length of the test lol. For the past day I've been playing this video on YouTube called " how great I am" . Look it up it's the first video on the list.... Hecka motivation to knock this test outta the park! Thanx again guys for your replys I keep checking on here see if any new tips come before tomorrow ^_^ haha
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  8. by   Kadambari
    The paper pencil version Science version of the TEAS was by far, much easier than the computer one.
  9. by   sacnurse
    Quote from Kadambari
    The paper pencil version Science version of the TEAS was by far, much easier than the computer one.
    how do take the paper/pencil version
  10. by   zoe92
    I took the TEAS V on August 25 and scored an 81.3%. I needed at least a 70% for my program. I did much better on the TEAS than in the ATI study booklet I practiced with. At my school, I did the test on a computer. The questions were pretty in depth for the science part and when I studied, I covered all kinds of science (human, physics, chemistry). But I still did not feel prepared for the science portion of the actual test.
  11. by   lizward73
    I took the TEAS V on last Sat 09/15. I did a pencil/paper test. I won't have my score until next Sat but I can say the science section was definitely the hardest. I used a few different study guides and I took both ATI practice tests but I still felt like I was not prepared for the science section. The reading and English sections were not too bad and I had plenty of time in those sections. The math section was relatively easy for me though some of the questions were time consuming and had to rush through the last few questions.
  12. by   Kadambari
    Quote from sacnurse
    how do take the paper/pencil version
    I think it depends on the school. I had took the TEAS at a university that offered the paper version. Most of the other schools offer computer. I prefer the paper, its by far much easier.