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  1. Does anyone in Georgia(Atlanta metro area) know if CSU,GSU,KSU, or any colleges that offer a prep review on campus for the TEAS Exam? If not a course than a review session is fine. I am looking for one that is a resonable price/free and not $200 just for a class. I know that KSU has an online practice exam; I will consider downloading the practice. Also is anyone selling their TEAS Exam Version 5 textbook?Any comments are welcome,thank you for the advice.
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  3. by   hermione77
    I can't speak to the ATI book, though I've heard it's a huge help. I used the Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exams (Princeton Review) book, McGraw Hill practice test book, and Complete Idiot's Guide to Nursing Entrance Exams. I didn't complete any of these books, but did use at least parts of each of them. I also took my TEAS kind of last minute so all my science prereqs were still very fresh in my mind. These things helped me to do very well on the test, so hopefully the info helps you. Good luck!
  4. by   jonesel9
    Thank you very much!! I am doing the think I am more nervous about the math section since we cant use a calculator.
  5. by   angie2424
    I think I have already posted this info here before but this is what I have used to get ready for the TEAS exam.

    ATI Study Guide - TEAS Products

    TEAS Practice Test app

    McGraw Hill TEAS Study Book - McGraw-Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams: Thomas Evangelist,Tamra Orr,Judy Unrein: 9780071599375: Books

    I like the McGraw Hill and the iPhone app the best. The McGraw Hill book does a good job at explaining the details of each concept and the iPhone app is a great way to study on the go and test what you’ve learned. The app also provides answer explanations which has helped me understand why I got questions wrong and how to solve them the correct way.
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck!
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  6. by   hermione77
    @jonesl9 I completely understand. I was nervous about the math too, but once I started looking at the study materials, I realized it was more basic than I'd feared. Lots of stuff like fractions, decimals, percentages, and algebra were on there, but very little geometry and no trig or calc. You got this!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   jonesel9
    Sorry to respond so late..I have been busy busy busy nonstop. Thank you for everyone's responds. I got the McGraw Hill TEAS book and it has been helping me. I went through the reading and only missed like 7. It does seem simpler than I am making it.Thank you angie2424 for posting that. I will get the ATI study guide along with what I have now. Thanks again for your advice!!
  8. by   jonesel9
    Again sorry for the lateness. Okay thank you hermion77,I have been brushing up on those concepts in the book and it's relative straigtfoward nothing to complex. Thank god its not a high level math without a calculator. Thank you so much for the encouraging words.