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  1. Hello!

    This is my first time posting here, and I am hoping you all can help me out.

    I took the TEAS already back in May and got an 82%. Which is passing, but I want to do better so I am retaking it this coming Monday, June 10. I took one of the ATI practice assessments before I took the TEAS the first time around, and it was very helpful and gave me a good idea as to what to expect on the test.

    So, I figured that since there was another practice test I could still buy from ATI, I would take that one to help me prep for Monday. I did MUCH worse-- I got a 68.7% overall. And that was almost entirely due to the science section, which I failed--badly!

    That's what I'm writing about-- the science section of this practice exam was CRAZY. There were a ton of questions that I had absolutely no clue about, and that definitely weren't mentioned in the ATI study guide, or the McGraw-Hill practice test book.

    There were questions about nuclear reactions, properties of water when a person does a belly flop into a swimming pool, what happens to blood when respiratory rate increases based on a reversible reaction (which was given), the melting point and solubility of two "mystery" subtances and what kind of chemical bonds they have, how antibiotics work to limit fungal disease, and several more thngs that I was absolutely clueless about.

    Has anyone else had this same experience? I haven't seen any questions like that on the first TEAS practice exam, any of the 5 practice tests in the McGraw-Hill book, or on the actual TEAS exam. Should I actually expect to be quizzed on these types of things?

    Thank you so much in advance. I was feeling pretty confident about Monday's test, but now I'm a worried mess!

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    I used the ATI study book to review for the exam. It was very helpful and I did all the practice tests online and in the workbook. I got a 92.7% on it the first time. The test is based off of the info in the book. Review the subject matter in particular that you missed and just review those. The public or school library should have a copy on reserve.
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    I used the cheap McGraw Hill study guide and got >90. The science section of the TEAS seemed to be about half anatomy and physiology with the rest of the questions split between chemistry and physics, so I relied heavily on my A&P notes and then used the guide to review the basics of chem and physics. The A&P questions seemed to be a bit more detail-oriented than what was in the guide, so really hit your class notes hard - I can't imagine trying to learn all of that material from a study guide alone. You did fine the first time you tested, just study a little bit each day and remember that with multiple choice questions the answer is already on the page in front of you - it's just a matter of using critical thinking to sleuth it out. Good luck!