New ATI TEAS Study Manual Question

  1. Hi,

    I am planning on taking the TEAS as soon as I feel prepared, but I have a question:

    Is studying the manual (grey cover) thoroughly, especially the science section, recommended?

    1. I know it will probably take me a while if I were to study the entire manual frontwards and backwards, but I am also going to use other sources to study.

    2. After that, I was planning on purchasing the TEAS PRACTICE Tests online from the ATI website to see if my studying paid off. Then I was going to review my weaknesses and study some MORE on those.

    Does this sound like a good plan? Or should I take the PRACTICE Tests FIRST BEFORE STUDYING (basically do the steps in reverse)? I've read that recommendation, but it feels like I would be wasting $$$ on a practice test I know I won't be prepared enough to do well on.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!
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  3. by   belle929
    If by grey cover, you're referring to the ATI study manual, then I would say you won't get enough information from that section to be successful on the teas. But I do understand that you will be using outside sources to study so that will work. The manual itself acts moreso as a guide.

    Others have said to take the practice test prior to any studying... but I studied, took a practice test, reviewed my weak areas, and then retook the practice test a few days before my actual exam date. This worked well for me and I scored a 92.7.

    I completely get what you mean by feeling like it's a waste of money!! I was so hesitant about using it early on but I think it's beneficial and will help you gauge where your weak areas are.